NHK Educational since its establishment in 1989 has been developing step by step as a creative team with high expertise in the fields of child and infant, school education, art, culture, language, hobby, practice, science, and health—a domain under the guiding principle of “creating a wide range and variety of educational contents.” As a member of the NHK group that supports public broadcasting, we produce more than 10,000 programs a year centering on NHK Educational TV. At the same time, we engage in broad areas of business, including planning and creation of visual software related to the programs and to character business.

In program creation, we aim to strengthen programs for the younger generation who will forge the future of the international society, and also endeavor to provide meticulous broadcast services depending on the target of each program to wide-ranging audiences including seniors, understanding the needs of the age. We will positively produce programs by collaborating with other countries and make every effort to offer quality, world-class programs. As for our independent business activities, we will produce not only programs but also visual products and character goods to many countries in the world, particularly Asian countries. We also engage in cooperative enterprises with educational broadcasts and drive globalization.

In order to respond to rapid digitalization, we will offer our accumulated “educational contents” to various users in optimum ways, such as video delivering, remedial educational materials and correspondence education materials.

As for reconstruction support in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we will proactively take up related subject matters in both regular and special programs. In the independent business, we will maintain a close relationship with the programs, and develop new events. Making use of our special expertise in the educational field, we will endeavor to be a source of psychological support for disaster victims.

We will make every possible effort to quickly and clearly respond to ever more diversified desires and requests from our viewers under the company’s principle, “We respond to anyone’s desire to learn at anytime and anywhere.”


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